About MIPA


The mission of MIPA (Midwest Injury Prevention Alliance) is to facilitate development of a coordinated approach for unintentional and intentional injury prevention and control in the region. MIPA promotes the development and sharing of injury prevention planning, evaluation, education and policy strategies, training, research, and other initiatives among members of the MIPA network.


The goal of MIPA is to reduce unintentional and intentional injuries by fostering collaboration and communication among the MIPA network members.


The objectives of MIPA are:

  1. To support each member state’s initiatives to establish and implement a statewide injury control plan that works toward achieving the Healthy People 2020 objectives;
  2. To share expertise and information to facilitate a better understanding of research and practices of injury control;
  3. To facilitate the development of collaborative injury projects and programs throughout the region, including but not limited to the sharing of injury data.

For more information about MIPA or to become a member, please visit Midwest Injury Prevention Alliance